Website design and construction

'58 ALL' can create for you your very own web site for the internet or your intranet. This could be minimalist and consist of just one web page, or have large searchable directories containing thousands of records.

The possibilities are endless but to give you an idea have a look at the web sites portfolio of past developments. The smallest consisting of just one page. The largest containing over 6000 files.

All new web sites can include the Accessibility features so that it adheres to the "Disability Discrimination Act Part III - Access to Goods and Services" British law.

We currently are using HTML5UP website templates to save time reinventing the wheel. There is a vast range of designs and layouts which can easily be plaguarised to meet your criteria. Please be intouch to discuss what we can do for you!

All branding work is outsourced to Doug Hendrey who has a vast portfolio including work for Tesco, British Airways, Barclays Bank. Not limited to branding - he can also design for packaging, exhibitions, signage etc. Please visit his website to see more.

We recommend Heart Internet for domain name purchase, hosting, SSL Certificates.