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Sample Survey Web site Surveys are an effective way to collate surveys for statistical purposes. Traditionally, you have needed to enter all returned data into some form of spreadsheet and apply different rules to get effective, meaningful results. To make life easier and the whole exercise cheaper why not get the person filling in the survey to do it on-line via your web site.

Surveys returned by hand can then be entered into the same web site so that all the data is collated in one place.

Survey-58 can be customised to meet your survey requirements. We will take your paper survey and implement it into our software to ultimately save you time and money.

Database Toolkit

VCG - Sample Survey statistics Their is also a Database Toolkit that will allow you to setup the survey, and manage any controlling parameters that you have built in.

You can also measure the variation of responses, list all the replies so that duplicate and bogus replies can be removed.

If you need to you can select an individual survey reply to view how they responded in a filled in survey form.

Management Dashboard

VCG - Sample Survey statistics Once you have select which survey replies to disgard, you can apply the remaining survey replies to give statistics for each question asked.

You can also apply survey user replies that fall into certain categories.

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Logo: Survey-58