With over 20 years of amateur photographic experience and hundreds of films later, '58 ALL' can offer a broad range of photographic services. Ranging from object photography to portraits, panoramic landscapes, venues etc etc. Using the professional Nikon D500 DSLR digital camara.

Photo: Green Eyed Jo

Damaged photos

We can also 'touch up' old photographs or damaged pictures so they are as good as new. Also, scan in your favourite old photos or negatives using a professional scanner, correct them and then return the final images to you upon a CD or print.

samples photo restoration

Please also see an example of colour photo restoration.

Virtual Photo albums

Photographs from around historical Greenwich and the Greenwich Borough can be found upon our Virtual Greenwich web site.

Or peruse the extensive gallery in Google Picasa.

Link: Google Picasa photo albums by '58 ALL'

Negatives and old photos scanning service

We now offer a simple service of scanning slides, transparencies, 35mm negatives, medium format negatives etc., upto 12800 dpi. We can also enhance the picture for you - especially if the negative has been damaged over the years.

This is a great opportunity to take your box of old negatives that no one ever sees, and create an online web album for all to see. Or keep it private and print your favourites in a hardback photo book as a gift. There are alot of options for your old photos and negatives - if you have an idea and are not sure if its feasible then please be intouch.

This is not limited to pictures that are going onto the internet. Family portraits in the park for posterity, architecture, luxury yachts, fast cars. The images can be presented on the internet as a slide-show, on a CD, or simply printed.