Static Website for a PDA

Greenwich Business Directory

XDA device This is an example of a database that was converted into a web site to run on the internet, but as a bonus we converted the database to be browsable on a standalone PDA (pocket computer).

These were simply static HTML pages - ie not requiring a web server.



The SIGN database and the Greenwich Church directory have also been successfully converted into PDA browsable websites.

PDAs offer an experience at your finger tips that other mobile devices dont offer. We can develop applications that work on iPads, iPhones etc but sometime a PDA is what the job really requires.

PDA web site Why use a PDA? well they can run the Windows operating system and are usually alot cheaper then an iPad or iPhone. And if stolen there is a much smaller demand buy these.

If you are not sure what you want, or what could be done by exploiting your current systems, then let's talk and see where it goes.