Mervyn Fernandez

Personal Details:
Name : Mervyn Fernandez
Business Name : 58 ALL
Status : Married
Dependents : 2 sons
Mobile Phone : 07875 617340
Email :
Web site :
Address : 58 Alliance Road,
SE18 2BA
Language : English
Religion : Christian
Career and Skills:
Career Summary :
Have worked only in the Local Government area - in particular, property repairs ordering applications development.
I spent 9 years developing bespoke Repairs ordering systems for Greenwich Council for both the Housing directorate and the Borough Buildings department. Both these systems were written using the Pick operating system.
I then spent 6 years redeveloped the Borough Buildings application in Ingres 6.4 running on Sun Sparc servers. This work involved me covering all aspects of a projects life cycle.
I have also done various Perl/CGI work to publish legacy database information on the internet/intranet.
In my last year of fulltime employment, I was involved in maintaining an Ingres 6.4 Housing Management system.

Since leaving fulltime employment I have taken a year out to develope a project called 'Greenwich Church' which is aimed at getting 120 churches located within the Greenwich Borough working together in areas of commonality. I also invested in writing small web applications in Perl/HTML.

Since April 2002 I have been a sole trader trading under the business name of '58 ALL'. This business offers bespoke web applications, internet consultancy, 360° Virtual Tour photography and traditional photography.

I am currently contracted to work for 2 weeks every month for Renewable Strategy Limited to develope bespoke software specifically for wind farms.

Skills Years Experience
Pick 9 to 10 Years
Ingres 6.4/02 6 to 7 Years
Perl 4 13 to 14 Years
HTML 15 to 16 Years
Employment History :
Employer : Anite
City : London & Reading
From : April 2001
To : August 2001
Job Title : Lead Software Developer
Employer : ICL (CFM)
City : London & Reading
From : January 1994
To : April 2001
Job Title : Lead Software Developer
Employer : Greenwich Council
City : London
From : September 1985
To : January 1994
Job Title : Software Developer
Career synopsis :
I started my professional IT career within Greenwich Council as an ICL VME/B mainframe operator. After one year I moved from operations into software development where I developed applications on a McDonald Douglas Reality server.
The IT directorate within Greenwich Council was then outsourced to a Facilities Management company called CFM. I was TUPEd from Greenwich council to CFM. CFM was then consolidated into ICL.
I then got involved in supporting ICL's Housing Management system written in Ingres 6.4. ICL then sold their software portfolio to Anite PLC. I was once again TUPEd -this time from ICL to Anite PLC. I was offered a mutual settlement after 4 months and ceased being their employee in August 2001.

As a hobby, I have setup an intranet at home consisting of a client PCs, running Windows 98 and Windows XP running Apache web server, and a Sun Unix server for socket programming. I write CGI using Perl 4, HTML, CSS Style Sheets and JavaScript.

I have used Perl to write parser programs to extract data from Microsoft Access 2, Access97, SQLserver 6.5, Excel, Paradox4 & 5, using DSN/ODBC and screen scrapers

Web skills Overview :
  • HTML, XML, CGI Perl for Unix or NT, POST & GET, Sendmail, JavaScript
  • Website design
  • Various HTML proformas using HTML & Perl 4
  • Bulk Emailed using data extracted from the virus wall log files
  • Web pages generated from an Access97 database using Perl, ODBC, DSN
  • Transcend network management tool log file analysis scripts
  • Populating an Access database with data from a POP3 mail box
  • HTML & XML pages generated from a structured ASCII document
  • Virtual Tour photography
  • RSS News feeds
  • Perl bespoke screen scrapers
  • Screen-scraping
  • PDA web orderforms
  • PayPal interface
  • SagePay integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • GeoRSS.xml & Meta geo tags
  • Bespoke content mananagement systems
  • Organic SEO
  • Virtual Tours in Flash, DevalVR & Quicktime
  • Custom built search engine
  • A simple EPOS system including barcode scanning
  • iPhone Web App
  • Actinic eCommerce integration
  • HTML, CGI Perl/ActivePerl, Formmail, Ports/sockets programming from Intranet Windows server to a Unix RDBMS
  • Web Questionaire using data from the LDAP phone directory
  • Helpdesk call enquiry including data extract from Oracle database using SQLplus, Korn shell script, FTP
  • Catering order form using HTML & Perl 4
  • Email address book directory extracted from Excel
  • Advice regarding the publication of a Social Services procedure manual on the intranet
  • Apache web server, Perl
  • Sage interface
  • Complete website created to be run off a CD
  • Have been on an introduction to Java course (never used)
  • Consultancy including web Publication, look-n-feel, accessibility, usability, online & offline marketing (basic guidance), data protection, privacy, confidentiality, copyright
  • Have readup extensively on XML and WML (WAP), MySQL, DBI/DBD, PHP
  • Have touched on XSL, HTTP, TCP/IP, SQLserver 6.5, SMS, and using web kiosks
  • Intermediate level of Unix system administration knowledge including shell scripting
  • Setup and configured FTGate mail server
  • Setup and configured ZoneAlarm and Internet Security firewall software
  • Configured networks for broadband
  • Installed office networks using cat5/RJ45 and a router, and configured the sharing of printers, files, email, internet access
'58 ALL' customers
  • Greenwich Council
  • Lambeth Council
  • Scorpion Press
  • Deckled Edge
  • Sabre Spares
  • Sabre Rigs & Renewables
  • Woodland Christian Trust
  • Alex McLean Heating Engineer
  • B2C CiC
  • HeatCover
  • Howard Hughes Architect
  • SRC Greenwich
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Tulip Financial Management
  • Radworks Limited
  • PrintRoom
  • Specialist K9 Services
  • Easyaway
  • The Global Interactive Bead Database
  • Genius Sound & Vision
  • West Greenwich Osteopaths
  • Bunny London
  • H2O Interiors
  • Du Petit Lion camping park
  • Greenwich Business Development Centre
  • The Crust Company
  • Set 2
  • Jays Foods
  • Sabre Systems (Heating) Ltd.
  • SE10 Restaurant and Bar
  • Pinstripes and Beads
  • Eternal Care
  • Myburgh Designs
  • Mica Technology
  • 11 Ladybower Lodge
  • Volunteers Centre Greenwich
  • ChangeUp Greenwich
  • Greenwich CVS
  • Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency
  • Greenwich SACRE
  • Kudus Copywriting
  • Start International
  • KRM Consultants
  • RBMS
  • Fish Car Leasing
  • DJK Decorators
  • GeoContracts - Landscaping & Building
  • K9SearchnDetect Ltd.
  • Templehouse Publishing
  • JMF Support Group
  • Madone Construction
  • Point Hill Properties
  • West Kent Boys' Brigade
  • Templehouse Publishing
  • WMI Simpsons
  • Monk Travel
  • Business 2 Community CiC
  • J Brown Flooring
  • Renewable Strategy Limited
  • The Print Room
  • Starfish Christian Trust
Have also won a support contract giving advice & guidance for approx 20 voluntary groups based within the Greenwich borough.

Also numerous Virtual Tour clients and internet consultancy clients.

I own and run a number of community related web sites :
  • Greenwich Directory
  • Greenwich Business Directory
  • Greenwich News
  • Greenwich Church
  • Virtual Greenwich
  • Greener Greenwich
  • MacroDigest
  • OkikOki
From April 2001 to April 2002 I didicated my time to setting up the Greenwich based websites, and invested in a project to assist with the rehabilitation of ex-offenders but could not secure funding to run as a voluntary project.

2002 to 2013 I have developed a number of websites for SMEs and created virtual tours, and continue to do so.

In 2013 I started a long term partnership to develop the MacroDigest project - I worked on that for 2 years. This has since been redeveloped by a third party that has more AI knowledge then myself.

In 2015 I started a long term partnership with Renewable Strategy to develop wind farm software - I am still committed to this project.

As a boy I served for 9 years in the Boys' Brigade and aquired the Queens award. For the past 13 years I have served as a volunteer and now an Officer in the Boys' Brigade. I have also developed several websites for Boys' Brigade companies, the London Stedfast Association, BADOTSA, and am also developing a BB Music website.

I ran a chapel service in the Belmarsh High Security prison for several years.

I used to be :

  • a member of the Greenwich and Bexley Chamber of Commerce
  • on the steering group for Employee Supported Volunteering (ESV),
  • on the steering group for London Anti-Crime and Education Scheme (LACES).

I was a finalist in the Green Guardian Award 2008 for my local contribution to ecology.

Hobbies include hiking, camping, cycling, CDs and vinyl record collecting, live music (Ska and 80's electronic), gig photography and other types of photography. I am an Officer at the 2nd West Kent Boys' Brigade and headup the Anchors Section (5 to 8 year olds) and am also an officer in the Company Section (11 to 19 year olds).

Since my involvement with MacroDigest and OkikOki I have developed an interest for macro-economics and politics.

A frequent attender at the New Community Church in Sidcup and CCK Church in Plumstead, and have a keen interest in knowing more about prophetic ministry, healing ministry, raising the dead and the like. I am active member of Christian Concern and support other voluntary initiatives. Last years I attended a number of sessions organised by the Met Police to help breakdown barriers in the community related to youth violence and faith based violence.

More recently, I have volunteered my time to teach 2 graduate students the basics of Perl programming.


We wont go there ;)


Mervyn Fernandez April 2017