Content Management System CMS

With the need to keep content of your web site upto date on a regular basis, the last thing you want is to be at the mercy of a web site developer to make the changes and every change being chargable! A simple system which allows you to login and make minor changes yourself without using a convoluted, scary system would be more useful.

We have created several simple systems which allow either on-line or off-line content management. We can also allow the uploading of photos or PDF files.

With Jays Foods CMS we also create all the files that are downloaded onto their sales reps PDAs thus reducing the cost of traffic charged by their mobile network provider (which can be quite expensive!). Sales data from the PDAs is then broadcast back to the CMS which also manages all the ordering of food.

If you are not sure what exploitation can be achieved then please drop us an Email to get the discussion rolling.