Concert and Event photography

Concert Photography

Avec Sans You can see a small selection of previous concert photographs on Instagram.

There is also a vast range of concert photography work on Google Photos.

If backstage or after-party photos are required then please arrange access and permission - and prewarn the artists!

Capturing the moment - the musicians expressions, mistakes, falls, incidents - we aim to capture them all! Shooting with Nikon digital cameras in RAW format means we can do alot of special effects in the virtual darkroom.


Event Photography

Boys Brigade Band Tour Events come in all shapes and sizes - from a business conference to a band tour - from a garden party to a display stand at an exhibition. No event should be to difficult to cover and we're always at the ready with our cameras!

Not limited to events within the M25 - happy to travel and do overnight stay. The price we give will include accomodation and food if required.

If the quality of the work we do is to your standard let's talk !


Concert Portfolio

Peter Hook and the Light (2018)
Heaven 17 (2018)
Big Country (2018)
Black Box (2018)
Marc Almond (2018)
Altered Images (2018)
Blancmange (2018)
Artificial Pleasure (2018)
The Red Paintings (2018)

Artificial Pleasure (2017)
Videocean (2017)
The Human League (2017)
The Christians (2017)
Marnie (2017)
China Crisis (2017)
Avec Sans (2017)
April Towers (2017)
Future Perfect (2017)
Blancmange (2017)
Thomas Dolby (2017)
Artificial Pleasure (2017)
A Flock of Seagulls (2017)
Ekkah (2017)
Kyko (2017)
Avec Sans (2017)
Sides (2017)