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Bespoke Content Management System, integrate with existing databases ...

'CMS-58' is our bespoke Content Management Systems software by '58 ALL'. It is written in Perl and we can customise it to integrate with any existing Legacy System you may already have in place. The design and layout of the CMS-58 webpages can be fully compatible with the look-n-feel of your current website if you have one.

Existing Database integration with CMS-58 website

Are you looking to get a new CMS (Content Management System) designed and written to cater for you individual business needs? A bespoke solution that will be easy to use, easy to be trained upon, taking away all the wierd and wonderful addons that you get with a "blackbox" solution - features that you will never use but take up precious screen space? '58 ALL' can design a new system for you.

We like to think that we can get data out of any computer system and write an interface to ease the pain of having to type it all back into another system. Spreadsheets, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL etc etc.

The 'CMS-58' will be really easy to use once it is all setup. It will be designed to meet all your management requirements as well as meeting all your functional requirements.

In the past we have developed interfaces for PDAs and more recently we have ported this for iPhone technology designing web apps. If you use any other devices that talk HTTP then I am confident we can program this into the equation!

We can arrange the hosting of the CMS-58 and supply what you want without you having the hassle of knowing the technicality!

If you require your customers to make payments via the internet, then we can integrate the payment side of 'CMS-58' with the new SagePay web service (formally Protx), or PayPal. If you have another option then I'm sure we can accomodate.

And if you need a new website then look no further!!

Looking for a bespoke CMS solution? 'CMS-58' is for you! Need more information? To enquire further please Email '58 ALL'.

Logo: CMS-58