Website Charts and Graphs

amCharts Add a bit of pizzazz to your Responsive Dashboard by including a bit more colour and animation:

  • Bell Curve
  • Bar charts
  • Gantt charts
  • Line charts
  • Pie charts
  • Funnel charts
These are taken to a new level by using the responsive amCharts templatesTake a quick look at the amCharts samples page - '58 ALL' can incorporate these into your dashboard if you have all the data required.

Sample Bell Curve We have perfected the Standard Deviation presentation on a Bell Curve, so anything simpler then this should be easily achieved!

We will develop the Perl scripts required to convert your existing data into these meaningful graphs. This can either be generated to reflect 'Live' data, or it can be produced using an off-line server.

Do you want to talk about what '58 ALL' can do to your data? Simply Email '58 ALL'.